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PSPP, A Free Alternative of SPSS, Free Download PSPP

PSPP is a free alternative software for SPSS.

It is a program for statistical analysis of sampled data. It is a Free replacement for the proprietary program SPSS, and appears very similar to it with a few exceptions.
website for PSPP is


Functional option
Functional option


The features of PSPP are follows:

  • Supports over 1 billion cases.
  • Supports over 1 billion variables.
  • Syntax and data files are compatible with SPSS.
  • Choice of terminal or graphical user interface.
  • Choice of text, postscript or html output formats.
  • Inter-operates with Gnumeric, OpenOffice.Org and other free software.
  • Easy data import from spreadsheets, text files and database sources.
  • Fast statistical procedures, even on very large data sets.
  • No license fees.
  • No expiration period.
  • No unethical “end user license agreements”.
  • Fully indexed user manual.
  • Free Software; licensed under GPLv3 or later.
  • Cross platform; Runs on many different computers and many different operating systems.

PSPP is particularly aimed at statisticians, social scientists and students requiring fast convenient analysis of sampled data.

Typical duties, Job Skills and Job Requirements of an IT analyst

IT Analyst:
An IT Analyst will design IT solutions for clients to heighten business performance based around their existing models. You will be responsible for all elements of installation, testing and maintenance, working with the client to implement your proposed solutions.

Typical duties can include in the work of an IT analyst:

Determines requirements, designs, installs, and maintains server hardware, operating systems, software, scripted procedures, computer management, programming, and operational support tools on organization-wide computing systems, Maintains security as well as staff access to information and data. Maintains and monitors performance, capacity, and availability of organization-wide computer systems, Provides technical leadership, training, and consulting related to computer systems, their applications and uses, Supports production control and operational activities, Supports application development activities, Manages computer system assets and software licensing. Analyzes, detects and corrects complex technical problems and deficiencies, Manages medium and large-scale information systems projects, Consults with management for system needs, design, and operation, Provides assistance and direction to other Information Technology personnel, Maintains working knowledge of current industry information, vendor direction, new products, and technical architectures/approaches related to organizational needs, Plans, designs, and implements additions, upgrades, replacements, or retirement of computer, network, database management, or application systems, Plans, designs, and implements system architectures and IT policies and procedures, Participates in long-range information technology planning and budgeting for computers, system software, networks and/or application systems, Provides programming support for assigned department(s), Performs capacity planning for computer, network, database, and/or application systems, Provides technical support for IT acquisition and implementation. Provides business and technical advice; recommends policies and procedures; and consults with clients on projects, Maintains reliable back-up and recovery policies and procedures, Performs related duties as required.

But Common IT Analyst Job Duties are:
  • Defines, develops, configures and support all computer applications
  • Oversees implementation, support and inventory control of applications
  • Develops and implements the most efficient and cost-effective solutions
  • Evaluates system specifications for business requirements
  • Develops and prepares computer solutions
  • Works closely with management to prioritize business goals and information needs
Common IT Analyst Job Skills
  • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Maintains strong attention to detail in high-pressure situations
  • Solid understanding of business practices with fundamental understanding of project management methodology
  • Requires excellent hands on IT skills and knowledge
Common IT Analyst Job Requirements
  • Preferred 4 years prior Information Technology experience required
  • Minimum: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field

Statistical analyst Careers and Jobs Information

Career and Job Highlights for Statistical analyst :

A course in statistics, is a rewarding and often more exciting. Statisticians work with data that are all around us and work opportunities are endless. But if I said to her in a matter of social-savvy gives the solution of the questions, the number of labor and in the countries where we may live, let him enjoy the people, for this is the use of. RSS In the writer serves Careers in Statistics you need to know about what being a professional statistician in different sectors involved in and it feels like and how you can get started. 

Having earned a degree in statistics does not necessarily lead to jobs with statistician profiles
Most statistician jobs require no fewer qualifications a master’s degree in mathematics of statistics.
Opportunities are likely to continue to exist for people with statistician degrees, despite the decline in growth expectations
Statistical analyst Care Overview: 

Statistics essentially involves putting mathematics to scientific use in the form of data comparison, analysis, and presentation. Statisticians use this knowledge to design, collect, and interpret them the knowledge of the surrounding experiments in many and diverse fields of industry. These are all available from the fields of economics, medicine, psychology, biology, public health and other sports. Military considerations take statistical procedures for approval of certain strategies and sanctions. 
Statisticians use sampling techniques to determine the relative size of the population and Demographics. This process is done by surveying large portions of soil. They determine the size of the group, the reason for carrying these samples and samples outside. Stylizing This includes instructions and questions used in the surveys. Finally, statisticians In summary, shake off, and to interpret the resultant data. 
Statisticians are also heavily involved in the development of products, and quality factors. Often the need for the automobile, pharmaceutical, or computer software companies in trial testing and product evaluation. Apart from the development, statisticians are also involved with the porch, asset, liability, and risk management, and the Departments of marketing firms. 
Most government organizations and agencies hire statisticians to evaluate population, demographic, and economic measures. In many other environmental, scientific, and agricultural agencies to hire statisticians for similar type of work in their respective fields. Even national defense organizations hire statisticians to assess the weapons and strategy effectiveness. 
Different job titles exist for the various statistical specializations. Biostatisticians and epidemiologists are two examples of job titles within the health industry. Econometricians work in areas involving economic research and data.

Statistical analyst Care Job Training and qualifications:
Statistical Most jobs require at least a master's degree in mathematics or statistics. Advanced academic research in statistics, it requires at least a master's degree and Ph.D. requires a higher-level institution in the same field. Entry-level jobs in other areas of research, such as industrial, they need to have had experience of many years of work and study. 

Simply for the Federal Government requires a bachelor's degree in statistician jobs with certain hours in pure mathematics and statistics. To be a mathematical statistician in the Government requires the combined total of twenty-four hours in statistics and mathematics, with particular concern for the differential equations, vector analysis, and calculus. Numerous schools have degrees and necessary course available in these areas of research. Usually require greater statistical courses in probability theory, calculus, and statistical methods and modeling. This is in addition to algebra, mathematical analysis and design courses are usually incorporated in the burgeoning program. 

About 140 schools offer a master's degree in higher education statistics, while 90 offer doctoral degrees. Numerous schools, upper-level and graduate level courses in statistics, economics, engineering, business, education, and psychology. Although not required to accept this burgeoning discipline, graduate programs prefer students to have had prior training in mathematics. Statistics are used widely in computer programs, and computer science education is also beneficial. For jobs involving product quality management, natural sciences, and engineering discipline may be required. Any area of ​​health science education, it is useful to move the pharmaceutical jobs, education and business is good business or economic analysis, forecasting, and the market here.
With strong interpersonal skills, and will also help in communicating technical statisticians from people unfamiliar with the specific program. For the private sector they work, and economic matters in a summary fashion, and are highly beneficial. Entry-level statisticians to work under supervision, but they are soon likely to advance on to the greater responsibility jobs. These promotions or promotions, are especially those with graduate degrees in the respective fields. 

Job and Employment Opportunities for the Data Analyst:
Job growth is usually decline during the next decade. Many opportunities should still be open to job seekers who have the appropriate level. Instead of having a typical statistician job profile but, instead, to those workers to work in the areas of analysis and science, computer, and business fields. Although job growth is not likely to expand, the opportunities afforded by the employee still turnovers and career transfers. 
The most qualified candidates for the jobs are those with a graduate education in statistics relating to finance, it, computer science, and biology. National government has many openings for statisticians within its different departments, and these jobs are considered to be highly competitive due to lower their expectations of the required jobs beginner. While they were certified with the State are wont to be able to find the position that the doctrine of the high school.
Statisticians work for the arches firms in areas such as aircraft, motor vehicles, pharmaceuticals, food, and chemicals. A pharmaceutical firm may employ a statistician to evaluate drug efficiency. A motor vehicle company to hire statistician for quality control purposes in the automobile testing. They can also work with scientists and engineers in researching and analyzing new product development. Many software firms also hire statisticians and quality control of the software development. 
Affairs work with statisticians in estimating the overall business-run efficiency and profit. Statisticians also offer consulting services in this field of the business to another. Generally, statisticians must have a current computer skills and information, including programming and software equipment.

List of Basic and advanced Statistical Analysis part-(1)

This is a list of some basic and advanced statistical analysis
1.    Mean
2.    Median
3.    Mode
4.    Standard Deviation
5.    Geometric Mean
6.    Regression
7.    Harmonic Mean
8.    Standard Error
9.    Coefficient of variance
10.        Permutation and Combination
11.        Weighted mean
12.        Correlation Co-efficient
13.        Five Number Summaries
14.        Post Test Probability
15.        Probability Tree
16.        Covariance
17.        T-Test
18.        F-Test Calculator
19.        One Way ANOVA
20.        Multiple Regressions
21.        Frequency Distribution
22.        Stem and Leaf Plot Graphing
23.        Skewness
24.        Skewness Coefficient
25.        Mean Squared Error
26.        Venn diagram and probability
27.        Hypothesis Test for Population Variance