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Typical duties, Job Skills and Job Requirements of an IT analyst

IT Analyst:
An IT Analyst will design IT solutions for clients to heighten business performance based around their existing models. You will be responsible for all elements of installation, testing and maintenance, working with the client to implement your proposed solutions.

Typical duties can include in the work of an IT analyst:

Determines requirements, designs, installs, and maintains server hardware, operating systems, software, scripted procedures, computer management, programming, and operational support tools on organization-wide computing systems, Maintains security as well as staff access to information and data. Maintains and monitors performance, capacity, and availability of organization-wide computer systems, Provides technical leadership, training, and consulting related to computer systems, their applications and uses, Supports production control and operational activities, Supports application development activities, Manages computer system assets and software licensing. Analyzes, detects and corrects complex technical problems and deficiencies, Manages medium and large-scale information systems projects, Consults with management for system needs, design, and operation, Provides assistance and direction to other Information Technology personnel, Maintains working knowledge of current industry information, vendor direction, new products, and technical architectures/approaches related to organizational needs, Plans, designs, and implements additions, upgrades, replacements, or retirement of computer, network, database management, or application systems, Plans, designs, and implements system architectures and IT policies and procedures, Participates in long-range information technology planning and budgeting for computers, system software, networks and/or application systems, Provides programming support for assigned department(s), Performs capacity planning for computer, network, database, and/or application systems, Provides technical support for IT acquisition and implementation. Provides business and technical advice; recommends policies and procedures; and consults with clients on projects, Maintains reliable back-up and recovery policies and procedures, Performs related duties as required.

But Common IT Analyst Job Duties are:
  • Defines, develops, configures and support all computer applications
  • Oversees implementation, support and inventory control of applications
  • Develops and implements the most efficient and cost-effective solutions
  • Evaluates system specifications for business requirements
  • Develops and prepares computer solutions
  • Works closely with management to prioritize business goals and information needs
Common IT Analyst Job Skills
  • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Maintains strong attention to detail in high-pressure situations
  • Solid understanding of business practices with fundamental understanding of project management methodology
  • Requires excellent hands on IT skills and knowledge
Common IT Analyst Job Requirements
  • Preferred 4 years prior Information Technology experience required
  • Minimum: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field