Data Analyst Career

Today there is an increasing demand for data analysts in the world job market. The demand for data analysts is very high all across the United States.
Qualifications for data analyst job:
To be an ideal candidate for the job of data analyst, you need to have knowledge and experience in analyzing the statistical data, and should be a graduate degree in any field related to statistics. You also need to be well versed in data analyze software like Excel, SAS, SPSS, and Minitab.
Skills for data analyst job:
Data analysis requires intensive research work. A data analyst should also have very strong problem solving skills. The main skill required by a data analyst is to extract information related to a topic from raw data. Therefore, you should possess abilities with reference to data mining, data mapping and data warehousing. Data tracking and identifying the trends and patterns in the marketplace are very important tools in the hands of a data analyst.
Statistical and mathematical knowledge is also required. You also need to have knowledge in specialized data management software, and should be able to analyze data statistically, and have the ability to generate reports, and audit and validate them. This will help to analyze the data accurately, which in turn will produce the report according to client requirements.
Other skills required are verbal and writing skills, along with data interpretation and presentation skills.
Work for a Data Analyst
A data analyst is a person who has to search for information related to the particular requirements of a client. Therefore, you must have the ability to question yourself in relation to the content of a topic. You then have to keep researching until an appropriate solution is found. You have to discover the source of the original data and be able to evaluate it.
You should be able to compare data statistically and provide appropriate solutions. Therefore, as a data analyst you have to refer to a large number of data sources and work on your reporting skills, so that you can present it in a simple and effective manner. You also have to audit the report, and the report has to be presentable and appealing to the client.
Job Titles:
Junior Data Analyst: A junior analyst searches for the appropriate data and provide sufficient material to be analyzed. They have to prepare statistical diagrams and flowcharts.
Senior Data Analyst: A senior analyst has to consult and communicate with the client. He/she has to prepare the final report and present it.
Data Analysis Project Manager: Duties include project organization and methodology. The project manager has to audit the reports and make sure that they fulfill the needs of the client
Since all these are specialized skills, which are in great demand in today's technological world, data analysts have high growth prospects. If you have the required qualifications and skills, and are keenly interested in pursuing a career in this field, then being a data analyst is a good option for you.

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